Pros And Cons Of Buying Home After College

In this modern era, buying home after college is already possible. Property prices may increase, but more affordable ones are also on the rise. But the question still remains: can a recent grad afford buying a house of their own? Let’s start with the cons: #1 When you rent a house, you will most probably … Continued


5 Signs You Need To Hire An Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer can either be a good or a bad investment. Whether you already have your own creative ideas in mind or you want to gain some insights on home design, interior designers can help you attain your dream home. Do you really need an interior designer? Read on. Resale Do you have … Continued


5 Back To School Home Organizing Ideas For Parents

Goodbye, summer home designing – hello back to school home organizing! It’s a challenge for every parent to keep their children excited for learning. One of these challenges include household adjustments. Organizing your home can get pretty exciting, but when it comes to equipping your home for your child, it can feel a bit overwhelming. … Continued


You Don’t Have To Splurge Your Money On A Real Estate Property

Should You Spend Your Money On A Real Estate Property? Well, that depends. If it’s not worth it, why would you? There are countless things to consider when buying a real estate property in Cebu City. You can’t help but obsess on scary thoughts like, ‘What if this is a scam?’ or ‘What if I … Continued


4 Noted Quality Real Estate Agent Characteristics Through Time

Are you having second thoughts about your prospect real estate agent? This is an obvious sign that you still have to assess your choices. Working with a real estate agent can either make or break your chances of finding the right property. To help you get through the process, here are 4 note-worthy tips about … Continued


How To Spot A Quality House For Sale In Cebu

One term used for a quality house for sale in Cebu is called, “Good bones.” Every homeowner desires to have a home with good bones – who doesn’t? Don’t just believe any real estate agents you meet in Cebu City. There are a lot of businessmen who proclaim that the house they are trying to … Continued


5 Financial Steps To Take Before Buying A Home In Cebu City

Buying a home in Cebu City for the first time? Have you done your research yet? Most importantly, is your credit ready for the big purchase? If not, here are some pointers to help you prepare your finances to have the home you’ve always been dreaming of. Find A Location Where would you most probably … Continued


5 House Selling Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Not sure how to spot house selling pitfalls? First and foremost, it’s okay to commit mistakes from time to time so don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go the way you expected it to be. Second, there surely are several ways to avoid some house selling mistakes. Let’s start.   Not Knowing The Real … Continued


5 Best Home Design Trends Of 2016

Planning to have the best home design around the neighborhood? Get inspired with these top five trends that will make your home stand out from the rest. 1 Black Appliances Nothing is as simple and elegant as sleek black appliances. Be it your TV or kitchen appliances, black seems to be the color of the … Continued


Are You Making These Real Estate Purchase Mistakes?

Lower interest rates pushes homeowners to a rush real estate purchase. Don’t make this mistake and learn what to avoid with these important tips. 1 Forgetting About Additional Costs When you are looking to purchase a real estate property, the pricing should be transparent. Oftentimes, home buyers are enticed by the initial price of a … Continued