About Us

Every Success has its story, Kaiser Estates was founded in August 8, 2008 by its CEO and President, Mr. Kaiser Christopher F. Tan with an initial project of 4-units along the side street of Guadalupe area, Cebu City.

Business started out in a small office in Guadalupe with only 1-secretary and a messenger. Kaiser Estates later on grew to New office in 2010 at La Guardia and soon a Main Office Building at One Kenji Place, Kasier Estates Building by mid 2012.

Our projects have been focused into “Pocket Developments” which is all around the city. During last 2009, we launch our first low-cost project with a brand line of Graceland Homes at Mactan which sold almost 200 houses in 2 months.

With its own Construction arm, Kaiser Construction, Kaiser Estates has continued to offer good projects with very affordable prices along Cebu. We also cater to “Personalization Package” to suit your personal preferences in your homes without having to pay high renovation cost or upgrade prices.

Nestled along the peaceful environment around Cebu, particularly in Guadalupe, Kabajar, Lahug, Banilad, Mabolo, Mandaue , V. Rama, Minglanilla and Mactan our projects has been one of the one of the most sought after investments and homes in Cebu.

Clienteles has been coming from abroad, young professionals, newlyweds and investors alike has been our leading markets and customers in this business.

With the Goal to provide people with affordable & decent homes for the people, Kaiser Estates strives to offer more and better quality houses in the future.

Moreover, We also believe that one of our major partner in this business is GOD. That is why every house we sell, we give out portions to different churches and charities. Furthermore, Believing that “Charity begins at home”, every unit you buy is equivalent to 2-sacks of rice given to the hard-working hands that made it.

These is what truly makes our Company what it is now, this is our story.